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Nail Frenzy Treatments & Prices

Full Manicure

When you come in for a full manicure, I will remove any old nail polish, file and shape the nails, cuticles will be treated, soaked and trimmed, nails buffed, a relaxing arm and hand massage followed by a base coat, polish of your choice (including French) and a glossy top coat to finish.


Mini Manicure

For those who do not wish to have the arm and hand massage, but would still like to experience the rest of the full manicure.


File & Polish

Nails are filed and shaped followed by a base coat, polish of your choice (including French) and a glossy top coat to finish.


Acrylic Nail Enhancements

Full set of nail enhancements using liquid and powder (acrylic). Choice of natural or French tip. Includes aftercare leaflet.


Acrylic Infills

These are recommended every 2 weeks to maintain the strength and beautiful appearance of your nail enhancements. I take down the length, reshape the nail where necessary, then smooth away the ridge where the nail has grown away from the cuticle and fill in the growth with new acrylic.


Nail Enhancement Removal

Professional removal is strongly recommended. Please refrain from picking/tearing off your nail enhancements as this can damage your natural nail plate.

Nail Enhancements are gently soaked off followed by either a file and polish (20) or a new set of nail enhancements (32.50)

Replacement Nails

If you should damage any of your nails, I can restore them to perfection

As part of your infill appointment - 1.50 per nail

Outside of your infill appointment 3.50 per nail


Gift vouchers are available upon request